Project Structure

WP1: Management and Coordination of the Action

A1.1 – Project Management, Coordination, Administration and Consortium Support


A1.2 – Develop International Key Expert-Advisory Group


A1.3 – Develop National Key Expert-Advisory Groups


A1.4 – Kick-off meeting & Work Plan


A1.5 – Status Meetings and Reporting


A1.6 – Organisation, coordination and implementation of International and National Advisory Group web meetings


A1.7 – Final Report and Financial Documentation including Exploitation and Sustainability Plan

WP2: Identify & Assess: Joint Needs Assessment, Lessons Harvesting & Ex-Ante Evaluation and Baseline Mapping

A2.1 – Literature review and overview analysis of polarisation


A2.2 – Mapping of EU-funded tools and projects designed to counter polarisation


A2.3 – Mapping of first-line practitioners, policy-makers and key experts / influencers


A2.4 – Mapping of online or digital tools, trainings and learning materials & Report


A2.5 – Joint Evaluation of local-level offline practices of inter-institutional collaboration between FLPs & Report


A2.6 – Design and implement a survey and series of follow-up interviews with key practitioners, experts and policy-makers & Report


A2.7 – Develop a ‘Tailoring Deliverables to Local FLPs Needs, Objectives and Realities: Needs Assessment and Practical Recommendations’ report

WP3: Identify & Communicate - Creation of the Digital ‘Alert’ and ‘Arena’ Tools and Services

A3.1 – Conceptualisation of the CHAMPIONs Online Platform and CHAMPIONs ‘Alert’, ‘Arena’ and ‘Training Yard’ frameworks


A3.2 – Design and development of online platform & ‘Alert’, ‘Arena’ frameworks


A3.3 – Development of the digital ‘CHAMPIONs Alert’ tools and system service


A3.4 – Development of the ‘CHAMPIONs Arena’ communication and cooperation digital mechanism


A3.5 – Integration of ‘Alert’ and ‘Arena’ service tools into platform framework and modify services according to beta-testing

WP4: Train – Creation & Harvesting of Online & Onsite Training & Learning Tools, Resources & Courses for FLPs: The CHAMPIONs Training Yard

A4.1 – Conceptualisation of online ‘Training Yard’ learning material methodology / delivery and simulation framework


A4.2 – Design and development of ‘Training Yard’ online learning materials


A4.3 – Development of Collection of ‘Training Yard’ online resources


A4.4 – Design and Development of Training Yard’ simulation exercises


A4.5 – Integration of learning materials, resources and simulation exercises into platform framework and modify platform according to beta-testing

WP5: Interact & Cooperate – Creation & Capacity Building of CHAMPIONs Roundtables and Implementation of CHAMPIONs Roundtable Actions

A5.1 – Conceptualisation of ‘CHAMPIONs Roundtables’ including selection of participants


A5.2 – Designing of the training programmes and workshop methodologies as well as development of the CHAMPIONs Roundtable Handbooks


A5.3 – Organisation of Kick-Off Meetings for ‘CHAMPIONs Roundtables’


A5.4 – ‘Training of CHAMPIONs’ (I) Roundtables


A5.5 – Collaboration Workshops (I) with CHAMPIONs Roundtables


A5.6 – ‘Training of CHAMPIONs’ (II) Roundtables


A5.7 – Collaboration Workshops (II) with CHAMPIONs Roundtables


A5.8 – Collaboration Workshops (III) with CHAMPIONs Roundtables


A5.9 – Implementation of ‘CHAMPIONs in the Community’ events


A5.10 – Collaborative Workshops (IV) on exploiting sustainability

WP6: Evaluate – Learn – Improve: Internal and External Monitoring, Participatory Action Evaluation, Improvement and Sustainability

A6.1 – Develop Internal Participatory Action MELI Framework for the Efficiency, Effectiveness and Inclusiveness of work conducted by the Consortium


A6.2 – Develop External Participatory Action MELI Framework for Impact, Sustainability and Relevance of the activities undertaken and products delivered by the consortium


A6.3 – Conduct Participatory Action Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Improvement of internal project work with regular reporting on results and recommendations


A6.4 – Conduct Participatory Action Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Improvement of external project work with regular reporting on results and recommendations


A6.5 – Develop test-groups for the online platform and digital tools


A6.6 – Beta testing of online platform and digital tools


A6.7 – Develop the CHAMPIONS MELI report on Efficiency, Effectiveness, Inclusiveness, Impact, Sustainability and Relevance and Lessons Identified

WP7: Leverage & Promote: Communication, Dissemination and Leveraging of Outputs, Products and Deliverables

A7.1 – Develop the Project Website


A7.2 – Develop social media channels, as well as newsletter, fact-sheet, activity brief, flyer and press-release templates


A7.3 – Mapping of, and outreach to, relevant press / media institutions, sites and organisations for future dissemination via mailing list


A7.4 – Organise policy- and decision-makers roundtables to communicate project objectives, activities, outputs and deliverables


A7.5 – Produce and distribute regular newsletters, factsheets, activity briefs and press-releases