Watch the “Radicalisation in Central and Eastern Europe” Webinar Recordings

Over the past weeks, three European projects MINDb4ACT, CHAMPIONs and BRAVE funded under the H2020 and ISF-P European Commission programmes joined their forces to create an online conference on “Radicalisation in Central and Eastern Europe – trends, challenges and opportunities to counteract”, organised into 3 sessions. In case you missed the #RADPOL2020 Webinar Series, you have the chance to re-watch them at your leisure. Don’t miss the chance to see how three #European projects can contribute to #policy and #practice.

The first video presents the first session of the conference and focuses on presenting the main results of the three aforementioned projects, paying specific attention to the role of practitioners in the field of radicalisation.


  • Carola García-Calvo, MINDb4ACT’s Scientific Coordinator & Senior Researcher, Elcano Royal Institute | @MINDb4ACT
  • Catherine Lourdes Dy, CHAMPIONs’ Coordinator & Programme Manager, Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania | @EU_CHAMPIONs
  • Richard McNeil-Willson, BRAVE’s Main Researcher & Research Associate, European University Institute | @BraveProjectEU


  • Natalia Jarmuzek-Troczynska, Project Manager & Project Officer, Polish Platfrom for Homeland Security | @PolishPlatform


The second video presents the second session of the conference, composed by two panels: Current trends on radicalisation in Central and Eastern Europe, and Right-wing extremism in Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Aleksandra Wesoly, Policy Officer, European Commission | @awesoly
  • Steven Lenos, Senior staff member, Radicalisation Awareness Network | @stolen7
  • Jacek Purski, Chairman, Institute of Social Safety | @jacekpurski
  • Staņislavs Šeiko, Chief Specialist of the Prevention, Coordination & Statistics Unit, Riga Municipal Police on behalf of European Forum for Urban Security | @Efusnews
  • Raimonds Nitišs, Head Specialist in the field of Multi-Institutional Cooperation, Riga Municipal Police on behalf of European Forum for Urban Security | @Efusnews
  • Michael C Zeller, Doctoral Candidate, Central European University | @michaelczeller
  • Eviane Leidig, Researcher, Centre for Research on Extremism & MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society | @evianeleidig
  • Lenka Buštíková, Associate Professor, School of Politics and Global Studies in Arizona State University | @LBustikova
  • Rositsa Dzhekova, Director, Security Programme at the Centre for the Study of Democracy | @RosiDzhekova


  • Marzena Kordaczuk-Was, Expert on radicalisation, Polish Platfrom for Homeland Security | @PolishPlatform Richard
  • McNeil-Willson, Ph.D., Main Researcher, European University Institute in Florence | @mcneilwillson


The third video presents the third and last session of the conference, composed by two panels: Multi-agency approach and joint-action initiatives to tackling radicalisation/violent extremism; and Gender beyond not religiously motivated extremism.


  • György Tatár, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention | @BudapestCentre
  • Anna Kucinska, Trainer and Educator, Institute of Social Safety | @fundacja_ibs
  • Cristina Ivan, Head of the National Institute for Intelligence Studies, “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy | @SRI_Oficial
  • Yvonne Reif, Project Manager, Women without Borders | @WwB_SAVE
  • Cristina Ariza, Analyst, Tony Blair Institute | @InstituteGC
  • Harald Weilnböck, Co-Chair of the Working Group on Deradicalisation Methods, Radicalisation Awareness Network | @RANEurope


  • Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Director of the Department of Peace Operations, Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) | @EU_CHAMPIONs
  • Carola García-Calvo, Senior Analyst in the Programme on Violent Radicalisation and Global Terrorism, the Elcano Royal Institute | @MINDb4ACT